The Skelly 400

Skelly just loved a 'Skelfie' The Skelly 400 So I'm a bit early to be talking about 2017 but along with my O2e colleagues, I'm excited to share the news that we are launching this event in honour of our late friend. Over the last few years, Skel completed his own new year [...]

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Race to the King Report

Race to the King 25th June 2016 Arundel to Winchester Somehow I've made it downstairs to put some coffee on and open my laptop. My mind and body is overtired and a restless night meant that sufficient rest will take several days or even weeks.. Race to the King was always going to be a big challenge [...]

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Cape Epic

Cape Epic Alighting the BA flight into Cape Town airport and the enormity of the Cape Epic took all of a few seconds to hit. A huge Cape Epic advert on a wall greeted all passengers but it would be the select few who’s hairs stood on end. Why? Because we were taking part in the world’s hardest MTB race and shit [...]

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Ollie Completes Transalp MTB Challenge With 4 friends in their 50th year, Ollie headed to the Alps to take part in a unique mountain bike fundraising event for Source Supplies affiliated children's charity, O2e. The guys set off from Germany and finished in Riva del Garda in Italy via Austria and Switzerland. The total distance [...]

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XTRI24: an epic report

XTRI24: an epic report Last month (starting On Friday 13th July...) an epic new triathlon event made its debut: XTRI24. Organised by EnduranceLife (, this was a fully off-road iron(ish) distance event. One of the 60 athletes who made it to the finish line was Simon Ward of, winner of the 2012220 Triathlon Coach [...]

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RAAM Founder & Rider, RAAM Roses Before The cycling world tends to keep Race Across America at arms length, simply because it is a bit too much for most people. Outside of the Tour de France it’s probably the most intimidating race on the planet. I needed a new challenge, and having researched [...]

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