Ollie covers a variety of subjects in his public speaking. Each subject can be tailored to focus on the specific areas that resonate with his audience.


Schools find value in Ollie sharing his entrepreneurial journey with students, providing an unconventional perspective on making the next steps in life and business.

  • Identifying and making the best of your golden opportunities
  • Developing ideas outside of school education
  • Recognising your strengths and how to maximise them
  • Broadening your horizons
  • Unearthing your entrepreneurial flair
  • Learning how to fail


Ollie also delivers talks on sales, business growth and entrepreneurship to students, sales professionals and business owners.

  • Growing a business – the Source journey
  • Succeeding in adversity
  • New business sales
  • Creating a good workplace culture
  • Building a brand

Adventure & Endurance

Drawing on his experience in endurance events, Ollie talks about the highs and lows of getting out of the comfort zone with anecdotal references that offer motivation to those looking for inspiration to do the same.

  • Goal setting (and how to smash them)
  • Techniques to enable you to succeed (and not quit)
  • The comfort zone – where is yours?
  • Preparing for your event
  • Something is stopping you from doing something extraordinary – lets find it together

Ollie is a speaker with the UK’s number 1 agency for schools speakers. Book Ollie here.


Ollie visited Ash Manor School to give a careers talk to our Year 10 and Year 11 students. Ollie’s talk was very motivational and talked about the fact most people’s success is about working hard and taking every opportunity. The students thoroughly enjoyed listening to Ollie and asked him lots of really insightful questions afterwards, which allowed Ollie to talk about having the entrepreneurial spirit and drive to take an idea forward. Mrs McGuire commented that the Year 11 students were buzzing when they returned from the talk.

Jane Sheridan, STEM Co-ordinator, Ash Manor School

Ollie’s input worked – it really worked – on so many levels.

It brought students from across a range of subjects together. It brought them into contact with a real business. It helped them understand the competitive environment. It enabled them to create something tangible in a day. It made them appreciate the concept of ‘team’.

Ollie’s involvement and hands-on approach gave each participant a taste of what’s out there in the world of work – what the possibilities are – and what they can aspire to. They were listened to, guided and encouraged to pursue ideas and be creative.

The students got so much out of it. Inspired and enthused – now they want more…

Anja Harwood, Business Studies Teacher, The 6th Form College Farnborough

Ollie gave an inspirational presentation to our Year 10 visitors from Fernhill, Cove, Frogmore, Calthorpe Park and Wavell Schools. Ollie’s hard working ethos came across clearly in his extremely relevant talk, which also stressed the importance of excellent communication skills, reliability and enthusiasm.

Christine Eustace, The Sixth Form College Farnborough
Ollie possess effortless charm and speaks in relaxed and entertaining way that engages audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Being young, driven and ambitious, he epitomises the values and characteristics that we at Young Enterprise endeavour to inspire and spark in all our students.

It was clear that Ollie’s story and journey resonates with so many young people and his approachable manner leaves a positive impression on all that meet him.

Jon Collins, Young Enterprise Manager (Hampshire and the Isle of Wight)
“Ollie offered an insightful introduction to 1st year students on the structure and growth of a local business. For some it was their first contact with an organisation with a B2B focus. It’s been fantastic for cementing their understanding of the concepts and theories they’ve been taught.”
Anja Harwood, The 6th Form College Farnborough


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