Confessions of a Wanderer – Podcast revisiting the Arctic Circle Race with Josh Gorman

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Check out the podcast here with Josh. Attention to detail with the process goals enabled my outcome goal to be realised in Greenland. Spotify

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Why the government do not deserve credit for how they have handled and are handling coronavirus. Reacted too late - saw it in Italy, China. Boris paraded around shaking hands and Hancock said the [...]

Caesars Camp at it’s best

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With each day, we edge nearer daylight saving time. Getting to the highest point for the rising of the sun is the best possible start to the day. When I was running, this was my [...]

Gower love

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One of my favourite parts of the British Isles is the Gower Peninsula and today only reinforced that. The last visit here was pre kids and with a house full of mates and their partners. [...]

Parentini Bike Wear

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Parentini If you've never heard of Parentini before, they're an Italian company that have been making cycle clothing since 1976 and have supplied custom clothing for professional racing cyclists and teams over the [...]

The Event Bucket List

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Events that just have to be done before we can’t play anymore.

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