The Skelly 400

Skelly just loved a 'Skelfie'

Skelly just loved a ‘Skelfie’

The Skelly 400

So I’m a bit early to be talking about 2017 but along with my O2e colleagues, I’m excited to share the news that we are launching this event in honour of our late friend.

Over the last few years, Skel completed his own new year fundraiser.

He pledged to cycle 10 miles, outside, every single day of January. In addition, he would have to complete a 100 mile cycle once during the month.

The total of 400 miles in a month may not be extraordinary to some, especially the hardened commuter or year-round weekend warrior. But cycling every day of arguably the least pleasant month, in terms of conditions, is a tough challenge for any cyclist.

Rainy, cold and dark mornings or evenings make cycling at this time of year a tough gig. But that’s why it is such an awesome concept.

As one of the drivers behind our charity, O2e, Skel was a astonishing fundraiser. He knew that going round cap in hand was hard even for a bloke with as many friends as Skel had. Instead, he just asked for £5 from everyone who knew him. The donations that rolled in where quite simply humbling.

In keeping with the O2e ethos, we would rather see as many people as we can get involved in this event and achieve something for themselves than monitor fundraising totals. If participants feel compelled to replicate Skel’s idea then great. Other’s are talking about aiming for £1 per mile.

We would just like to see the cycling world embrace this challenge and doff their helmets to both Paul Skelly and our children’s charity, Ordinary2extraordinary in the process.


  • Cycling must be outside, not on a turbo or stationary bike in a gym
  • Minimum 10 miles per day. If you miss a day, sure, double up the next day but don’t lose sight of the concept of the challenge; cycle every day.
  • If you’re on Strava, join the Skelly 400 club. Going live on 31/12/16
  • If you’re not on Strava, sign up – it’s free! The phone app can easily log your miles if you don’t have a cycle computer
  • Replace one of your 10 mile rides with a century ride
  • Be safe. Light yourself up like a Christmas tree and wear the right gear
  • Ensure your bike is serviced. Take spares. Not much fun getting a mechanical in the cold rain far from home
  • Spread the love! Send this challenge to your cycling circles. The more camaraderie, the easier it will be to motivate yourself to get our there
  • Hashtag your social posts with #Skelly400
  • Set a reminder for 31/12/16 to join the Skelly 400 club on Strava
  • Post any photos of you in action during the Skelly 400 on the O2e Facebook page and if using Twitter, please mention us @O_2_e for a retweet

Please spread the word far and wide, this is such a good challenge! Good luck and thanks for clicking.




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