2016 Strava Review

Trail Running

2016 was the year that I found running. I found a love of running for the first time in my life as I trained for Race to the King ultra marathon in June. Trail running became an addiction and I loved pretty much every run. Distance became irrelevant, it was just a case of going out there and enjoying each stride.

Sadly, soon after completing the race, my body decided that it was time for a rest. My Achilles tendon flared up to the point that I’ve not really been able to run since.

I hoping all the rehab I’m doing will eventually sort things out but it’s not looking to good at the moment. Fingers crossed!


In 2016, I also unearthed a love for road racing. Encouraged to join my local cycling club and their Race Team, I realised that there was an untapped dynamic of road cycling yet to feature in my life.

Enjoying the closed circuit races, I went from British Cycling Cat 4 to Cat 3 in four races, securing victory in a race at Thruxton race circuit which was a huge buzz. Sprint down the home straight at heart rate max with 40 cyclists on my tail is right up there with any adrenalin fix.

Mountain biking will always been my first choice when I open the shed and see the bikes racked on the wall. There is nothing quite like the thrill of Enduro racing and in 2017 I plan to enter many races.

Nordic Skiing

Well this was a sport I never thought I would select on my Garmin. With the world’s toughest cross-country ski race looming, I’m learning a new sport and I am a total novice. It’s a truly testing journey and frequently provides valuable lessons in being out of my comfort zone and developing basic skills from scratch.

It has provided me with a new perspective and a more rounded attitude to fitness, sport and challenges. I am more sympathetic to others who are pushing themselves in sports that I have experience in as I can put myself in their shoes much more easily now.

Whether I finish the 3 day race in Greenland or not, I anticipate that I’ll know more about myself than ever before. Surely that justifies taking part? I think so.


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Ollie is an award winning business owner and endurance athlete with a penchant for leaving the comfort zone through exercise and adventure. Based in Hampshire, Ollie lives with his wife Anthea and their young children, Seb and Scarlett.

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