Spring is coming

My early morning rides have diminished over the last month or so since the Skelly400 challenge in January finished.

A week in Spain with some high TSS was great for training but since coming back, life has taken a priority over the bike and I’ve managed only a handful of sessions.

With an XC race next month, I’m desperate to race the road bike too just to get some focus and get the right mindset in place. Time is just so limited that it’s harder than it sounds to just fit a race in.

After a long, dark winter, I was pretty happy to catch the sunrise on a ride the other morning. My favourite rides include full lights on the MTB as I head out to the trails first thing. The light begins to seep through the darkness and finding the highest point is then the mission so I can catch the sunrise.

Lights off and it’s time to enjoy the trails in all their glory, all to myself.

Bring on the clock change.

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Ollie is an award winning business owner and endurance athlete with a penchant for leaving the comfort zone through exercise and adventure. Based in Hampshire, Ollie lives with his wife Anthea and their young children, Seb and Scarlett.

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