Handing over the O2e baton

Writing this in final days as the custodian of O2e, it’s been fun to look back over the last two years as Chair of our wonderful charity.

Being the successor to Slatts was a daunting task as his shoes were, and still are, unfillable. However, any trepidation on my part was overcome by the support and encouragement from all corners of O2e, a feeling I’d become very familiar with during my tenure.

In hindsight, filling shoes really isn’t the objective. It’s simply to carry the baton for a charity that runs itself thanks to the layers and layers of kind-hearted people who have O2e in their veins.

O2e fulfils two facets of my life;

1 – Plotting and experiencing physical challenges that take me way beyond my comfort zone and take my strength of mind to new places, usually with a significant degree of suffering but with rewards you just can’t find elsewhere

2 – An extraordinary social circle that stretches round the globe, where you can drop in 24/7, share a pint or two and celebrate life with like-minded folk

Doing stuff that scares you is liberating and addictive. Finding your limits is often a soul searching exercise but some of the children we support bump up against these limits on a daily basis. When you spend time with the children O2e supports, it inspires you to utilise the minds and bodies we’ve been given, scratching the itch of needing to leave our comfort zones through exercise and adventure.

It’s been a privilege to have been in this position. It has taken me to places which I wouldn’t have otherwise been to and for that I’m very grateful. I’m much more informed about how charities work and appreciative of difficulties and challenges they face in order to provide the crucial services that they do.

My respect for parents of children with disabilities and illnesses has found new levels, more so since becoming a father to Seb and Scarlett. I have also seen first hand the impact the O2e money has on young lives which we, at O2e, try to convey to our supporters on a constant basis.

I look forward to many more O2e challenges (and parties!) and will enjoy seeing David take the reins in his affable way.

Thank you one and all for your spirit, endeavor, generosity and support to O2e over the last two years and all the very best to DD.

Just like Bev, we’re right behind you, sir!

Happy Christmas and I hope to see you at the launch night in January.

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Ollie is an award winning business owner and endurance athlete with a penchant for leaving the comfort zone through exercise and adventure. Based in Hampshire, Ollie lives with his wife Anthea and their young children, Seb and Scarlett.

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