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RAAM Roses Return

Since the 6 days and 10 hours in June 2011 that it took for our team, RAAM Roses, to cross the USA, I’m excited to announce that we returning to the race!

Enough time has passed for talk to turn into action and we’re aiming to break the mixed 4-person team record at the 2019 race.

Myself, Woodsy and TK have a new team mate in Siobhan, who we’re really excited to welcome to the team. Siobhan is a super strong athlete and has a lot of experience in the saddle.

Super Siobhan! A big RAAM Roses welcome to Mayo.

Ollie,Tim and Woodsy RAAM 2011

Myself, TK and Woodsy from our first attempt.

Dress Rehearsal

In August 2018, the team and our crew will be taking part in Race Around Austria to gel us together and test ourselves in a single stage endurance team event.


We know better than most that we’re only as good as our crew and luckily for us, we’ve not had a shortage of hands raised in the air when it’s come to volunteers.

We’ll do a roll call on the crew once everyone has been confirmed and they are really sure they know what they are getting themselves into!


We’ll be raising money for children’s charity, Ordinary2extraordinary (O2e). The ethos of the charity aligns with our team’s own goals; to achieve extraordinary things through exercise and adventure.

Amazon Prime

You can check out the documentary that was made of our 2011 race if you have Amazon Prime. Just click here.


You can donate to our charity here. HUGE thanks for your support, be it financial,  moral or both!

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