Favero Assioma Pedals – Review

Having dived into the world of training with power thanks to my superb Wahoo Kickr and TrainerRoad combination, it was only a matter of time before I felt I ‘needed’ power when training outside.

This is a significant investment so required a lot of research, weighing up all the different options.

Crank(s), pedals or hub?

This choice was an easy one for me. I need to swap out my power meter from winter/training bike to race day bike. Therefore, pedals was the preferred option.

Using some peer group chat as user testimonials for Garmin Vector 1 and Vector 2 pedals, I decided a pod system was going to be too fiddly.

The option was then narrowed down to Garmin Vector 3 or Favero Assioma. (Powertap P1 were too expensive, too heavy and not had a recent update so were out of the running).

DC Rainmaker made this choice a pretty easy one. An in-depth review that resulted in a 9/10 score, plus a 10% discount code, meant that there was only one choice.

Added benefits included a £300 saving compared to the Garmin Vector 3 and also a decent weight saving.

I opted for the Duo but an Uno version is available.

Plug & Play

This isn’t exactly a review per se as I don’t have any experience of using other power meters on bikes, except for the Kickr, to compare these pedals to.

All I can say is that they work really well, with no bugs to iron out.

I charged them, fitted them, connected them to the Favero app, paired with my Garmin and Kickr, calibrated them (took a matter of seconds on both Garmin head unit and TrainerRoad) and have had perfect power readings ever since.

This post comes after my first charge of the pedals, which is just over 50 hours of riding. In my mind, that’s brilliant. It’s no bother to plug them in every 6 weeks or so!


The cleats are similar to a Look Keo cleat but having tried other shoes with a Keo cleat, they don’t clip in perfectly so you’ll need to use the recommended cleats that are provided (Xpedo).

I spent a year or so using Speed Play pedals and whilst I prefer the smaller platform, readjusting to the larger cleat style is zero drama at all and I can’t see myself going back to them.

The Xpedo cleats offer a firm click into place and are pretty snug on the stock setting. Most people would probably loosen them off a touch but I like them tight.


For a deep dive into the accuracy of power readings from these pedals, it’s best to head to the DC Rainmaker review. He runs them alongside three other power meters extensively and the results are solid enough for me.

The left/right balance readings are really useful. It’s given me peace of mind that my power distribution is very even and that it’s not something I need to work on. Garmin Connect provides this data and you can also opt to have real-time data on your head unit, should you so wish (there are a tonne of power related fields).

Highly Recommended

Overall, I’m a really happy customer of Favero. Delivery was about 5 working days which buried any concerns I’d seen online about availability.  So far, they are working perfectly (long may that continue) so that pretty much concludes the review!

For a ‘proper’ review of these pedals and to get your hands on Ray’s discount code, click here

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