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Since joining the CMPP last year, we’ve been looking for way in which can contribute to local communities. At a recent conference in Rushmoorhosted by CMPP, it was highlighted that many school leavers are not ready for the world of work. There was a light bulb moment and Source Academy was born.

Kane receives his invite to Source Academy.

Kane receives his invite to Source Academy.


Source Academy is an opportunity for school students to experience the inner workings of a thriving business whilst picking up and developing life skills.


Source Supplies recognizes the need to bridge the gap between local schools and local businesses. Local businesses can create opportunities for young people in the region and Source Supplies wants to help these people get ‘work ready’.

Our objective is to empower them a variety of experience with tasks, cultural exposure to a corporate working environment and with a certificate and a reference from us as they prepare to go into the world of work.


We will invite two year 10 students from each of the four secondary schools in Rushmoor Borough to spend a full working day at Source Supplies.

Identifying these pupils could be done through recommendations from the school staff, Wurk-IT initiative or applications direct to Source from students.

Ideally, Ollie will visit each of the schools and deliver the idea to the students thus starting the application process. Once students have logged an interest, it could be up to their Head Teach/Year Head/Form Tutor to determine who would be the best fit.

Applications will not be assessed on academic ability.


Source would open their doors to selected schools students for one full working day every term for one school year.

We would demonstrate all areas of the business throughout the day(s) and involve them in both simulated and real-life tasks and challenges, creating a hands-on experience.

They would also learn basic skills (and be challenged in) key areas that exist in most, if not all, businesses; sales & marketing, accounting, website development, administration, logistics, warehousing and purchasing. Specific areas of interest to the students can be focused on.

They will also learn how to make the tea!


We are looking to welcome our first Source Academy students at the start of 2015/16 year.

Dan Barrett receiving his CMPP raffle vouchers.

Dan Bonnett receiving his CMPP raffle vouchers.

Dan Bonnett is a young man studying at sixth form college whilst working part-time. He approached us asking if he could get some work experience during the gaps in his college time table.

Dan is an example of what a Source Academy ‘graduate’ would be. He had the confidence and professionalism to approach us with a plan and commit time, unpaid, to help further his skills and knowledge.

As the Source Academy guinea pig, Dan will be working with each department and helping to create a curriculum of sorts for our future Source Academy stars.

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