Life Changing Loaf

The best alternative to bread – EVER!

I’ve been consuming this super food for over a year now and the thought of making a return to ‘real’ bread makes me feel heavy and bloated at just the thought.

It is a heavy, dense loaf so only a thin slice is need. Hence why it lasts so long and represent good value.


LCL is packed with all the good stuff and gets you a punch dose of protein with each serving.

Honestly, drop wheat and gluten and still get that bread based satisfaction with this delicious recipe.


I like to have it with Marmite and avocado. The saltiness of Marmite combines really well with the creaminess of the avo.

Peanut butter and homemade jam is also an absolute winner.


I have a slice or two for breakfast on daily basis. Sometimes for a long ride, I’ll pack a slice in foil and stick it in my back pocket as a mid-ride snack.

Best served…

Toasted! It’s fully cooked once the two sessions in the oven are done but once cooled and living in an airtight container, I prefer to slice it up and drop in the toaster on a the highest setting.

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