Why the government do not deserve credit for how they have handled and are handling coronavirus.

  1. Reacted too late – saw it in Italy, China. Boris paraded around shaking hands and Hancock said the risk was ‘low’
  2. Johnson missed 5 consecutive COBRA meetings in the lead up to Coronavirus hitting the UK
  3. UK shipped hundreds of thousands of items of PPE to China in February
  4. Ignored advice from simulated pandemenic (2016) where government suppressed conclusions of a cross-government pandemic drill that took place in 2016, which accurately predicted that the NHS would be plunged into crisis by an infectious and deadly disease
  5. Track and trace disaster – Boris lied to the nation saying it was ‘world beating’ and no other country had a live app. At the time, 18 European countries had active Track and Trace apps. App then abandoned.
  6. No clairty of messages – STAY ALERT?! Plus endless confusing addresses to the nation of lockdown rules which lead to major incidents of possible transmission (remember the beaches? end of lockdown on a Friday night?)
  7. PM didn’t attend Cobra meetings until it was too late. Hung other ministers and experts out to dry on Daily Briefings instead of heading up himself
  8. Stood down World Heath Organisation experts from addressing the nation if they were found to be critical of governemnt responses to Coronavirus
  9. Lockdown was too late
  10. Ignored WHO advice on masks. Compulsory 15 weeks AFTER lockdown?
  11. Borders – no checks or tests
  12. PPE disaster
    1. Turkey produced surgical gowns that the RAF collected in several trips. None met our standards – £400m in the bin
    2. 11 contracts for PPE awarded to a pest control company (April 2020) – friends of government – NO tender
    3. Front line care workers and hospital staff wearing bin bags for PPE. Revert back to point 1 and 2
  13. U-turn after U-turns on policies
    1. Remember our migrants nurses in the NHS having to pay the govt!
    2. Herd immunity is the way to deal with this! Oh wait…
    3. Free school meals for kids in poverty – no they can pay for their own food if not at school (through no fault of their own) – succumbed to pressure after young footballer applies pressure
    4. A-Levels! No apology from Gavin Williamson
  14. Dominic Cummings – breaking and flaunting lockdown rules then lying to the nation live on TV about it
  15. Government have given massive contracts to private firms who donate to politcal party (PPE £150m, £100m track and trace, £ms dodgy testing kits)
  16. Care Homes! Johnson blamed the care homes in PMQs citing they had ignored advice
  17. Highest COVID death toll in Europe
  18. Worst recesssion in Europe
  19. A-levels cockup and u-turn. Algorythm favoured privately educated. 5 months to prepare yet still cocked it up. Boris still stating that results are ‘robust and dependable’
  20. Ministerial jobs for mates – Head of Health Care (!) – failed at track and trace, husband campaigns for privateising the NHS, was in charge of Talk Talk during the biggest data breach in recent digital history, is on the board of Jockey Club who donate to Conservative Party! Here, you can be Head of Health Care for the country during it’s most critcal time in living memory
  21. Boris and his government have actively pointed the finger of blame at everyone but themselves;
    1. Care Home staff (WTF! They probably had it hardest out of everyone with the exception of COVID-19 ward front line workers yet were unsupported, underfunded and criticised for their response)
    2. Scientists – ‘following the science’ until it suits them to blame the science
    3. Other European countries (ready for when/if we get a 2nd wave)
    4. Public Health England (so much so that Hancock is trying to shut it down!)
  22. Government has hung out teachers to dry. Not trusting them to provide results on the students they know, educate and look after, instead implementing an illfitting algorythm that shafts the disadvantaged kid and removes any respect towards the teaching profession. ‘Here, we trust you with our kids day in, day out. Educate them in your trained field of expertise for years. Provide accurate prediction of their grades? No chance! We’d rather trust a computer on this one…’

I could go on……  and on.

The things they have done ‘well’

Rishi Sunak comes out of this reasoably well becaused he’s giving money away (that we will all have to pay back for generations to come)

  • Furlough
  • Government Business Loans
  • Govenment Business Grants
  • Eat Out scheme

Note – Sunak voted 31 times in 2015 and 2016 for a reduction in welfare spending, including 8 votes against paying reasonable liveable benefits to people with long term illness and disabilities.

Note – During COVID-19, Boris has awarded peerage to;

  • His brother!
  • Russian born billionaire son of a former KGB agent
  • Brexiteers – Botham!?
  • Michael Spencer and Aamer Sarfraz – massiver Tory donors (including a donor of £2m to the Conservative Party) – Cash for honours is alive and well

This post was blurted out after two friends and business associates confidently stated that the goverment have done brilliantly during COVID-19.

This disturbed me so much that I woke up at 0300 with it in the front of mind and had to put down the reasons why the government are not brilliant. I’ve used a few of David Schneider’s tweets to remind me of a few figures but the other 95% of this post is off the top of my head and my perception.

Also note – I was, pre-Brexit and pre-COVID, party agnostic. I’m not banging a drum for lefties or taking pot shots at the Right. I just want a competent and honest government. One of said friends mentioned last night ‘Boris was a better choice than that other bloke’…  Having a ‘lesser of two evils’ choice for ruling the country really is a sad reality of where we are.

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